Moonrise in the Purcell Wilderness

Sorting through old files and moving them to a new computer, I came across the piece below that Em wrote. The timing is of course perfect: Earth Day was this week and my seniors in Modern Global Issues are looking at global environmental issues. Em’s words convey that which I haven’t been successful in conveying myself: […]

Today is Alan’s birthday. Last night I had dreams of him. They weren’t fun… they weren’t of the person I want to remember… of the person my family and I miss so sorely. Here’s to memories of hiking in the Whites, hucking a squirrel off the porch in a rubbermade container after trapping it in […]

photo 3

Here’s a piece I wrote for NEice after a (Type II) fun day of climbing: Enjoy!

Sunset from the bivy ledge on the Beckey-Chouinard - South Howser Tower, Bugaboo Provincial Park

That which we seek is only a fleeting moment of glory. Every race, every route, every summit – we grasp and we aspire for what is JUST out of reach. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years – all spent in search of that one transient moment. But a new goal replaces every success. We need […]


51.5 miles spread over 2 Boston Marathons… CLOSURE  ***** Last year, I didn’t finish what I’d set out to do. The bombings at the finish line robbed me of that opportunity. I got my medal… I got my stickers… but I wasn’t having anything to do with them. My medal remained draped upon the mirror […]

Sunrise heading into Poachers' Falls

Below is a link to a piece I wrote about my recent trip to Scotland. It’s worth checking out for the pictures alone! And for those looking for something you won’t find there on NEice… proof that I saw something other than the inside of a cloud and a reason to go back:

Through the difficulties on Remission Direct, plenty of hard climbing still to go.

“You’re the only one who didn’t know you had it in you.” Last year I finally climbed Repentance. This was a three or four year process for me: partners bailing, unfavorable conditions, and my own fear all colluded to keep me from venturing up that pillar off the first belay ledge. When I finally did […]

As an educator, I am constantly giving feedback, but I don’t always have the opportunity to receive feedback myself. I receive feedback from students from time to time, as well as the feedback of administrators who observe my class occasionally, but I don’t often get to see the long-term effects of my teaching, coaching, and […]

Here is a post I wrote for   Heresy: An unorthodox practice, publicly avowed, and obstinately defended. Heretic: One who carries out the above; traditionally burned alive as penalty for sins.   THE HERETIC article by Patrick Cooke   ***** There’s a particular dogma within our community that drives us and binds us together: get out […]


  I’ve been putting off the hard work of fundraising for too long. This year I am again running in the Boston Marathon as a part of the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. The truth of the matter is, I know why I’ve put it off thus far… sitting down to write the appeal below fucking […]

Tip of My Tongue

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