Sunrise heading into Poachers' Falls

Below is a link to a piece I wrote about my recent trip to Scotland. It’s worth checking out for the pictures alone! And for those looking for something you won’t find there on NEice… proof that I saw something other than the inside of a cloud and a reason to go back:

Through the difficulties on Remission Direct, plenty of hard climbing still to go.

“You’re the only one who didn’t know you had it in you.” Last year I finally climbed Repentance. This was a three or four year process for me: partners bailing, unfavorable conditions, and my own fear all colluded to keep me from venturing up that pillar off the first belay ledge. When I finally did […]

As an educator, I am constantly giving feedback, but I don’t always have the opportunity to receive feedback myself. I receive feedback from students from time to time, as well as the feedback of administrators who observe my class occasionally, but I don’t often get to see the long-term effects of my teaching, coaching, and […]

Here is a post I wrote for   Heresy: An unorthodox practice, publicly avowed, and obstinately defended. Heretic: One who carries out the above; traditionally burned alive as penalty for sins.   THE HERETIC article by Patrick Cooke   ***** There’s a particular dogma within our community that drives us and binds us together: get out […]


  I’ve been putting off the hard work of fundraising for too long. This year I am again running in the Boston Marathon as a part of the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. The truth of the matter is, I know why I’ve put it off thus far… sitting down to write the appeal below fucking […]

People seem to be big on New Year’s resolutions… eat better, lose weight, work out more, etc… How many people actually keep them though? I’ve never liked New Years resolutions. I’ve only ever made one when forced by others to do so. As such, it’s easy to surmise that these did not pan out over […]


Below is a presentation I gave to the entire school today. A lot of it is stuff I’ve written before, but with a slightly different slant: “I thought Terror was in the Southern Pickets”    The winds are picking up, buffeting our tent. Perhaps “tent” is too strong a word. It’s a pyramid-shaped tarp draped […]

*Maybe not really memories, but allowing myself the room to make new ones. Credit to JW for introducing me to the music. Press play, listen, and read. Over the last year, I’ve become far more aware and attached to music than I think I’ve ever been. It evokes memories and passions. It can be nostalgic […]


There’s a wandering trail we follow, the way ahead shrouded in darkness and mystery. Our feet tread upon a faintly illuminated path. Sometimes we see only where our feet fall – sometimes more, sometimes less. There isn’t a choice in the path we take, only in how we take it. Dragging our feet, or boldly […]


Sometimes you need to embrace the cold, but there’s nothing pleasant about freezing your ass off. If you want to warm up, move! If the way ahead looks difficult, “Take a deep breath, relax your grip, look around, and find your feet.” – Almost a year later, this is still the piece that speaks to […]

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